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Tough Financial Climate Affecting Canadian Businesses

Synergy Merchant Services’ main objective has always been to assist Canadian business owners in growing their respective businesses through our merchant cash advance program. Whether it is expansion, renovations, marketing, purchasing inventory and equipment or any other necessity to increase business, our program is designed to provide the extra working capital needed to increase a company’s profits.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of all Canadians, we are beset by a tough economic predicament at the present time. As a result, many business owners are feeling the strain of a financial crisis that may be impacting the success of their sales and services. Ironically, this has made it somewhat less convenient for certain industries to take advantage of cash advance programs.

With a program that is based heavily on credit and debit transactions, such as the one offered by Synergy, it is necessary for companies to maintain a certain number of transactions and processing amounts on a monthly basis in order to repay their cash advances. Of course, there is still no fixed payment schedule given to a Synergy client.

However, businesses who are unable to process certain required amounts, as outlined in the criteria to be approved for an advance, may not find themselves eligible to participate.

In an effort to support particular industries that are facing difficulties in today’s tough financial climate, Synergy is embarking on a temporary measure. Due to the current struggling economy, we are, until further notice, not accepting applications from such as industries as furniture and flooring.

We look forward to a near future where businesses in these industries and all others in Canada find new financial triumphs and an enhanced ability to be approved for extra working capital through our fantastic cash advance program.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to call Synergy Merchant Services at 1-866-299-0101.

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