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Toronto Heat Hotter Than Ever

It is hot in Toronto! And for the most part, Torontonians don’t mind one bit. Approaching the end of May, Canada’s largest city is still celebrating one of its mildest winters ever. In what appears to have foreshadowed more warm weather, the less-than-wintery winter season has been followed up by a just-like-summer spring season.

Today, Teri Pecoskie of The Toronto Star reports that Toronto has reached record-high temperatures for the second day in a row. Coming off a warm and sunny Victoria Day long weekend, the sunny weather is making it quite difficult for workers to return to their jobs. Most, of course, would prefer to be working on their tan somewhere.

Pecoskie does note however, that Toronto’s hot weather has not brought with it the presence of smog. A rarity in the heavily populated GTA, the smog-free weather is great news for all, especially asthmatics and those with severe allergies or other respiratory issues. Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips explains that the lack of humidity can be attributed to the flowing of hot air to the north from dry southern states like Arizona.

Usually, the Southern Ontario region would be receiving its hot air from the Ohio Valley which brings with it dampness and inevitably, major smog. Thankfully, at this point, Toronto residents may literally breathe easy as they enjoy the 31C heat. Environment Canada reports that today’s temperature, in fact, has broken the record of 30.6C which was set in 1944 and later matched in 1965.

Coming off of two relatively cool summers in a row, Toronto residents are most likely relishing the Hawaii-like heat. And we’re not kidding! Temperatures in both that island state and Florida today were matched by Toronto’s record-breaking numbers. Said Phillips: “It’s kind of fair in a way because the last two summers have been bummers. This one is going to be a hummer.”

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the Southern Ontario temperatures reported today are showing a very unconventional pattern. It seems that the more north you head, the hotter it gets! Timmins, Ontario, in fact, hit highs of 35C today.

According to Phillips: “It’s not necessarily unprecedented. We’re not back to the drawing board wondering what is happening to the world. It’s going to be welcomed.” From the looks on the faces (or more accurately the tanned skinned of the faces) of Synergy’s staff today, it is clear that the sunny skies and warm air in Toronto has been welcomed already.

As always, it is important to take precaution when in the sun. One of our team members complained of being sunburned this past weekend. Lack of sunscreen, of course, was the culprit. As Pecoskie writes, “The City of Toronto has also continued an extreme heat alert for a second day.” So enjoy the heat, but do so responsibly. Ironically for some who can’t take the heat, it may be better to get IN to the kitchen…provided that it’s air-conditioned!

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