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Time For Spring Cleaning

With April in full swing, many people are already basking in the sunshine and thinking about the summer ahead. For some, it feels as if the fresh spring air is symbolic of a fresh start. So, of course, one of the most popular activities to partake in, at this time of year, is “spring cleaning”. Getting set for the summer by getting rid of the clutter can help invigorate you and feel renewed.

For businesses, this is especially an important task as it prepares companies to start a brand new season of opportunity. As Alyssa Gregory pointed out earlier this month on, when businesses partake in spring cleaning, it helps to “shake off the winter woes and get a renewed enthusiasm for the season of growth and new beginnings.”

Many believe that when you unclutter your physical surroundings, it helps to clarify your goals and better prepare you for your next step. Organization is key to running a successful business. Gregory lists a number of steps that can be taken so that your business can utilize the concept of spring cleaning to clear a path to a brighter future.

“Clean of your desk”, she writes. The simple task of having a neat and tidy workstation will ensure that your assignments are completed free of distraction. Sometimes, employees get caught up in what feels like an overwhelming number of different projects simply because they cannot remember just how many they have to complete. Unkept files and miscealleaneous documents strewn all over a desk is only cause for confusion.

Ensuring that you are organized will help you stick to a schedule that will allow time for all of your tasks to be completed. Gregory writes that workers should “get rid of ‘rolling’ tasks by getting them done, delegating the work or removing them from your list entirely.” Procrastination, evidently, is an example of clutter and disorganization.

Gregory also recommends that you “freshen up your business card, website and other marketing materials”. Your business can appear out of date, behind the times and even off the market (to use a few catch phrases) when things do not look updated. It is also a good idea to “review client agreements, and act on any revisions/renewals that need to be made.”

Keeping your contact list up to date, sometimes means making contact with those on the list. “Touching base” helps your clients remember that you haven’t forgotten them. This encourages loyalty in addition to potentially re-opening doors for further business with these clients.

“Schedule a meeting with a colleague, or even competitor, to explore a collaborative effort,” says Gregory. Sometimes the creation of a new project or joint venture is just what is needed to provide that extra boost to your company during the advent of a new season.

Of course, there are many ways that businesses can being their own spring cleaning regiments. If you haven’t begun yours yet, you might want to get to it. You may just find that it will help for your upcoming summer to be your most successful season yet.

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