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Tim Hortons To Accept Debit Cards

When you think of Canada, what are some of the first images that come to mind? Chances are, the average person is going to immediately think hockey, beer, maple leaves, beavers and dare we say it…snow! However, most Canadians would also place the ever-popular coffee and donut haven, Tim Hortons in the ultra-Canadian category.

It’s hard to deny that Tim Hortons, the coffee shop founded in 1964 by the hockey player of the same name, has become a staple in Canadian culture for decades. Every morning, it’s a common occurrence for Canadians to line up at their closest branch to order coffee from the place that many affectionately refer to as “Timmy’s”.

Scrounging up enough change for the classic morning beverage and a snack has practically become a Canadian past time…until now. Tim Hortons, of course, is still as popular as ever. But Canadians will now no longer have to dig in the sofa cushions for change before their next trip to their favourite coffee shop.

This morning, QMI Agency reported that Tim Hortons will officially start accepting debit cards throughout Canada. Already accepting MasterCard as a method of payment, Timmy’s has extended its contract with merchant processor, Chase Paymentech to finally accept Interac transactions all over the nation.

According to Rita Trichur of The Toronto Star, Tim Hortons is finally “bowing to consumer pressure” to finally accept debit cards nationwide. She reports that the restaurant has actually been accepting debit cards in western Canada, where the demand was strongest, since 2003.

“Customers will no longer need to worry if they have cash in-pocket when they buy their morning coffee, breakfast wraps for the kids after hockey practice or donuts for the office,” said Mark O’Connell, the president and CEO of Interac Association.

Some may be wondering how debit cards and Tim Hortons hadn’t already been hand in hand for years. It’s well-known that Canada is one of the most debit card-friendly countries in the world. One can only guess how much more donuts and coffee that the popular coffee shop chain will sell now that it accepts Interac as well as MasterCard.

Interac president and chief executive, Mark O’Connell had this to say: “Canadians enjoy the convenience and simplicity of making everyday payments using funds directly from their bank account with Interac debit, and now they have more opportunity to do so at one of Canada’s favourite restaurants, Tim Hortons.”

Unquestionably, the popularity of Tim Hortons is bound to rise. QMI Agency points out that there are already 3,649 locations in Canada. The restaurant has already made headway in the United States as well, with 567 shops.

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