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The Royal Wedding Quite The Big Deal

This weekend, we are quite certain that thousands of couples will be getting married all over the world. However, there is one couple that people are talking about all over the world. England’s Prince William – son to Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana – will be united in matrimony to his soon-to-be-wife, Kate Middleton. The impending nuptials are  among the world’s biggest news stories.

Easily the most talked about wedding this century, it is expected that an incredible two billion people will be watching the ceremony throughout the globe. Two billion! This is about a third of the entire planet’s population. Are the royals really that popular? Is this occasion really that important?

One look at the area surrounding Westminister Abbey – where the wedding will take place – will undeniably scream “yes”! Yesterday, Thane Burnett of QMI Agency reported that as early as this past Monday, people began setting up sleeping bags and chairs to camp along the route towards where the wedding ceremony will unfold.

In an effort to be among the first to see Will and Kate as husband and wife, people have come from all over the world to somehow be part of the royal wedding proceedings. As Burnett reports, most are older fans, including 76-year-old Terry Jones, who has come fully outfitted in the Union Jack decorated with hearts.

It appears as if the royal wedding, which will take place at 4 a.m. Eastern Time tomorrow morning, will truly be an event to behold. Here, in Toronto, many people are preparing to wake up bright and early to take in the wedding ceremony. That includes a few of our Synergy Merchant Services representatives.

“I can’t wait,” said one excited staff member, “I’m sure Kate is going to look beautiful. It will be awesome to see her dress, but more importantly the incredible pageantry that comes with a royal wedding. It’s a pretty exciting moment in history. They may be English royalty, but the world will be watching.”

“I couldn’t care less,” said her co-worker, “I mean, really? Wake up at four in the morning to watch two people I’ve never met tie the knot? Not my cup of tea (he said with a laugh realizing his unintentional pun on English customs). I really can’t believe how much of a big deal people are making of this all the way over here in Canada.”

Well, while opinions are mixed here at Synergy, the relative sentiment throughout our nation, is that Friday morning will be a time for celebration. There are many devoted individuals who – for whatever reason – would not want to miss Prince William marry Kate Middleton for the world!

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