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The Pandemic Has Made Customer Service More Important Than Ever

Customer service has always been important. That’s no surprise to any business owner. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to offer customer service in ways we never have before. The online and telephone variety have been vital parts of any company’s customer service regimen. In addition, the very nature of the pandemic – an unfortunate situation, to the say the least – is such that customer service requires a warmer touch than times of past.

Step up your soft skills.

Your hard skills are defined by your talents and knowledge base. Being an expert in your industry is always an important way to impress consumers. Answering questions that give customers confidence in your brand is a key way to grow your customer base. However, these days, your soft skills are particularly necessary. We’re referring to your ability to be a people person. It’s important to address the emotional needs of your customers as opposed to just knowing about your products and services.

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of soft skills, both in customer service and in the wider business,” insists CommBox, “In a world where employees were plucked out of offices and in their homes, being a good communicator was extremely important. For teams to thrive, they must be able to communicate regularly and with ease. They must have someone they can turn to in their team – someone to answer questions or listen to them when they are struggling.”

Change up your business model.

Most businesses have focused on e-commerce since the advent of COVID-19. Because of the need for social distancing, many shops have closed their doors or limited the number of customers they can have visit at any one time. Needless to say, the focus on online shopping has grown tremendously, as a result. This was not lost on Arunmina Dasgupta and Michael Meehan, who are the owners of the food cart business, Dosa Love.

“When COVID hit, we had to shut down,” they report on, “Instead of waiting for the pandemic to be over, though, we came up with an alternate plan: We moved to an online delivery model where we started preparing hot meals that could be delivered right to our customers’ doors.”

Keep offering customer service – even when it isn’t requested.

Now, how do you do that, exactly? As an expert in your field, it’s wise to anticipate questions before they’re asked. What are the most common issues concerning your customer base? In what special ways can your products and services be of use during these hard times? Planning, in advance, to meets the needs and concerns of your customers is a great way to show that your company is a customer service champion.

According to CommBox, being proactive in customer service includes creating content that answers common questions; admitting to mistakes before anyone realizes you’ve made them; asking for feedback regularly and chatting with customers on social media. “Pay attention to what your customers are saying online,” says their website, “Either respond to them, or brainstorm how you can address these issues.”

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