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The Importance Of Taking It Easy

With it being Good Friday today, Canada is enjoying a statutory holiday. For the most part, stores are closed throughout the nation. Many restaurants, of course, will still be open for business. But generally, business owners can take today as a day of rest. No matter what your beliefs are, we’re sure you can agree that sometimes rest can be good.

In fact, rest can always be good, it just seems that as a business owner, it feels like getting any rest is next to impossible. Even on holidays, your mind is likely constantly racing about what needs to be done the second your doors are open for business again. Well, today we’d like to provide some advice that’s a bit different from our usual dose of helpfulness.

Take it easy. Sometimes taking a load off is actually what is best for your business. Consider your business your body, if you will. Ask any fitness enthusiast and he or she will tell you that rest is important for the health of your body. So while you may assume that constantly working out is what will keep you fit and in shape, lack of rest can be harmful to your body.

Well, your mind works much the same way. Sometimes you simply need to let it relax so that it can recharge. Your business is obviously affected by the way you think about it. Although you are generally thinking of ways to improve things around your store and increase sales, you should remember that you are allowed moments when you don’t need to think about anything.

Sometimes the best ideas can come to you when you’re not even trying to think of one. We’d like to share an interesting story from one of our amazing clients that speak to this point. “The idea came to me in a dream,” he explained of why he decided to renovate his store a year ago, “I was getting concerned that business wasn’t picking up like I expected it to last summer.”

“My wife was starting to get worried because she noticed how frustrated I was getting. And my frustration was growing on a daily basis,” he continued, “She advised me to take a vacation. I thought she was nuts considering how much work I felt needed to be done. But after careful consideration, I finally decided to take a week off and let her handle things.”

“About two days into my vacation, I had a dream about my store. It wasn’t my actual store but one that looked a lot more classy. When I woke up the next morning, I knew I needed to make some changes. And when I made that dream come true, I ended up pulling in more business. Sometimes you just need to relax to make things right…and listen to your wife!”

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