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The Importance Of Customer Service Amid The Pandemic

It can be argued that providing excellent customer service is more important now than it ever has been before. Providing unbeatable customer experiences has always been a vital part of business success – no matter the industry. However, with the coronavirus pandemic completely changing the ways in which retailers currently operate, it’s integral that providing great customer service be at the top of their priority lists.

Consumers will remember the way your business treated them during the COVID-19 crisis when it is finally behind us. So consider the various ways in which you can provide excellent customer service now so that your business can flourish well into the future.

Regularly convey empathy.

We’re all in this mess together. No matter which walk of life you emanate from, this pandemic is hitting you hard. Remember that when speaking with your customers. Consider the fact that the coronavirus may have impacted them directly. If a customer expresses despair, concern or fear, be sure not to bypass the opportunity to offer your understanding and well wishes. The human element of your customer service has never been more important.

David Truog and Harley Manning of Forrester notes that you’re not going to find out how your customers are feeling through surveys alone. They recommend that you invest in having live conversations with your customers; get your research professional onto customer service calls; proactively reach out to customers; and respond with concrete steps to meet their needs.

Improve your online customer service regimen.

Does your company website contain a live chat feature? Is the FAQ section of your site easy to locate? Do you offer round-the-clock service to online shoppers? We now live in an era when the vast majority of consumers are ordering their products online instead of going into physical stores to pick them up. Your ability to provide readily-available customer service online is an integral part of growing your company’s reputation.

According to René Vader, Wei Lin and Paul Martin of KPMG, “retail and consumer brands – particularly those selling discretionary goods – will need to rethink their customer experience and find ways to deliver on customer preferences and needs through digital-only channels. Retailers reliant on traditional customer footfall to deliver their experience will be challenged to compete in this new world.”

Be considerate of your employees.

Of course, your customers aren’t the only people who require your attention during the coronavirus pandemic. Your employees are just as affected as everyone else. Be sure to cater to their emotional needs. Know that providing excellent customer service is impossible without making sure your staff is doing well.

Truog and Manning remind us that employees face uncertainty and anxiety too. By investing in improving the well-being of your employees, it will improve customer experiences. “Whatever their role in your company, this is a unique moment for them as the human embodiment of your brand,” write the duo.

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