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How Excellent Customer Service Can Save Your Business

We’re all going through a tough time. But to get out of it with your business fully intact, it’s vital that you provide the best customer service you’ve ever provided. Your customers will remember you for what you did (and what you didn’t do) during the coronavirus pandemic. You’ll certainly need their support once this thing is finally over. Offering excellent customer service during this tough time can literally save your business.

It helps you to retain customers for the long haul.

The vast majority of consumers support businesses they feel good about. It’s so much more than simply having good products and services. Great experiences are what keep people coming back. Be sure to show empathy towards the tough situations you hear about and show genuine concern. Do what you can to help your customers out on every phone call you take. They won’t forget you when your doors open up again.

“Customer retention is absolutely vital for any company,” writes Shauna Geraghty on, “This is because retaining an existing customer costs significantly less, both in terms of marketing and maintenance, than landing a new one. Additionally, repeat customers are more likely to spend more money on each purchase. So, if you want to make sure your profits are hearty and your retention rates are high, you must provide amazing customer service.”

It shows you care – and customers care about that.

People like to feel cared for. Make sure you show them that you care. As mentioned, this tough time is taking a toll on all of us. Naturally, that includes your business. However, because of the pandemic, your brand has been given an opportunity to showcase just how customer-centric it is. By providing customer service that shows you care about the problems people are facing, you’ll be able to grow the reputation of your company. This will pay dividends in the long run.

“Your customers are living, breathing, emotive beings, not automatons, so play to their emotions,” says Andrew Gazdecki on, “If you treat customers with genuine courtesy and respect, they’re far more likely to invest their faith in your business. And since customers put the food on the table, it shouldn’t be hard to drum up some genuine appreciation for them.”

It convinces shoppers to follow through on their purchases.

If you’re like most other Canadian retailers, this pandemic has forced you to concentrate much harder on pushing online sales. You may have found that one of your top issues is cart abandonment. All e-commerce retailers face this. To avoid this problem, going forward, be as friendly and informative as possible when customers call you for help. As Geraghty points out, poor support often results in a customer abandoning a purchase.

“In fact, 78 percent of consumers have bailed on a purchase that they intended to make because of poor customer service,” she reports, “That means that if you’re not providing helpful, informative customer service, you risk losing business.”

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