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3 Important Measures That Keep Your Employees Safe

For many Canadians, the coronavirus pandemic has outstayed its welcome. In truth, it has never been welcome. However, the current health crisis is a reality we all must face. As a business owner, you have been significantly impacted. Without owning an “essential” business, you’ve been forced to close your doors for the past couple of months.

Have you opened back up yet? Many stores are re-opening as some restrictions have been lifted throughout Canada. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean COVID-19 has gone anywhere. Therefore, it’s a must you practice extreme safety measures to keep both your employees and your customers as safe as possible.

Here are three important measures that keep your employees safe:

1. Keep things as clean as possible.

This tip cannot be offered enough. Keep things clean at all times. It’s the top recommendation for preventing the spread of coronavirus. Sanitize areas that are touched regularly. Offer hand sanitizer to your staff members and to those who enter your place of business. Be sure to avoid clutter as well. Pandemic or not, it’s wise to eliminate tripping hazards. As Michelle Hopkins communicates on, a messy workplace can lead to unnecessary accidents.

“Make sure boxes are stacked safely and spills are cleaned up quickly,” she advises, “Conduct regular inspections to check for potential dangers such as tangled cords, messy floors, and disorganized tools.”

2. Minimize interactions between customers and employees.

Can you offer curbside pickup? If you haven’t already, consider giving your customers the opportunity to order your products either online or over the phone. Give them specific dates and times when they can pick their orders up. That way, neither your staff nor your supporters will have to worry about any unnecessary physical interactions with others.

“Consider minimizing interactions between customers and your employees, such as limiting the number of customers permitted in your establishment or serving customers over the phone,” suggests the Government of Canada, “Ideally, a 2-metre separation should be maintained, unless there is a physical barrier (e.g. cubicle, Plexiglas window).”

3. Be accommodating and approachable.

A lesser-discussed mode of keeping your employees safe is maintaining a positive attitude. Keep in mind that this is a tough time for everyone emotionally. The last thing your employees need is a fear that they can’t communicate their concerns to you. When it comes to their health and safety, there should be no barriers to conversations that can improve things in the workplace.

“Make it easy for your employees to come to you with health and safety concerns,” insists Hopkins, “They can report hazards right away and identify potential areas of concern you may not have noticed. Appoint or nominate a safety captain who is empowered to communicate concerns identified by employees to leadership on a consistent basis.”

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