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The Importance Of Boosting Employee Morale During The Busy Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be merry. While this festive phrase is predominantly true, the holiday season can also be a stressful time of year. Just ask any retailer and his/her employees. Traditionally, the holiday shopping season is a busy one. This year, when you combine the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping with COVID-19 safety requirements, you have an all-new recipe for high stress.

Are your employees feeling the impact of a busy and potentially unsafe work situation? It’s your job to ensure that they are feeling the holiday spirit in greater doses this year. Boosting employee morale is necessary all year round. But during this hectic holiday season, it should be a top priority. What steps should you take?

Fill their bellies.

Free food is good food. This is another saying-slash-cliché that often rings true. Have you ever met anyone who is in a bad mood after receiving some complimentary eats? Consider offering your staff a free lunch or two as we approach the holidays. If your team is working from home, send them surprise lunch deliveries. Your gesture will work wonders in keeping your employees happy and loyal to your business.

“A survey by Seamless revealed 60% of respondents say having food at the office makes them feel more ‘valued and appreciated,” reports John Tabis on, “In addition, 40% say that having food in the office reduces personal stress levels. Consider covering the cost of food for employees — lunch and dinner, if needed — during those long days…Business owners have found that even just one free lunch per week can have dramatic impact on employee motivation.”

Reward your team with bonuses.

‘Tis the season of giving. Showcase your generous side by offering your employees holiday bonuses. As co-founder, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda admits on, the concept of a bonus is nothing new, but it still remains a hot favourite among employees.

“Nothing keeps employees more motivated to do their best than holiday bonuses,” he contends, “Instead of offering them some extra cash, you can opt for gifts to let them know they are appreciated. From e-cards to shopping vouchers to food baskets, be generous with the gifts. Customized gifts are also a great way to make your employees feel valued and cherished.”

Adopt a flexible work schedule.

I’m flexible! How many of your employees are able to utter this classic idiom? Are your workers coming into work? Are they required to work from home? Is there a way to create schedules so that there is a mix of both? Doing so will help to promote physical distancing in your workplace. As a result, everyone on your team will feel a lot less anxiety. Not to mention, flexible work schedules provide employees with the work-life balances they crave all throughout the year.

“Help employees achieve work-life balance by giving a few Fridays off before or after busy weeks,” suggests Tabis, “You can also allow flex-time to work from home to ease the pain of the crunch.”

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