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How Excellent Customer Service Can Grow Your Business After The Holidays

Providing customers with excellent customer service is an integral part of your business mandate all year round. However, during the holiday shopping season, your business is given the opportunity to welcome more customers than at any other time of the year. It’s a time when your customer service practices have to be at their absolute best.

By providing memorable experiences, you stand to not only increase sales, but gain loyal customers who will support your brand well into the future. When consumers enjoy their experiences with companies, they come back. The customer service you provide, this holiday shopping season, can help grow your business after the holidays.

Offer loyalty discounts.

One of the ways to provide great customer service is to show your customers your gratitude. In addition to a genuine “thank you for shopping here”, you should offer loyalty discounts. Provide gift cards as your way of saying “thank you” to encourage customers to visit your store in future. Alternatively, you can request customer phone numbers that can be used to confirm the giving of discounts that can be taken advantage of in the new year.

“Offer a January discount with December purchases,” advises Marla Tabaka on, “Something for Grandma now and for themselves next month–that way you get them back online or in the store in January while rewarding them for loyalty now.”

Make the online shopping experience a memorable one.

With COVID-19 continuing to hamper traditional shopping excursions, it’s imperative that your online shop is up to snuff. In addition to incorporating vivid product photos and an easy-to-navigate layout, your online store should make it easy to get questions answered. Does it contain a live chat feature? Is your company phone number easily visible? You may also wish to consider offering free shipping. Savvy holiday shoppers love this option. It not only increases holiday sales, but it makes your shop one to remember for future purchases.

“While free shipping and free returns can help acquire customers, businesses also need to make sure to reduce returns by helping customers make the right purchases,” argues, “Brick-and-mortar stores have a low return rate of 8.89%, whereas online businesses have to do a lot more to combat returns.”

Provide a little extra something.

Throw a promotional item into each customer’s bag. Offer a free gift to your biggest spenders. As mentioned earlier, add a gift card to each purchase. Even a gift card that offers as little as a $5 savings will entice a shopper to return to your store. After all, it is the season of giving, is it not? Showcase your generous nature and watch it grow your loyal customer base well into 2021.

“Throw a candy cane or two in their packages, or perhaps some screen wipes–something they will be sure to enjoy and use!” suggests Tabaka.

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