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The Cool Cash Advance Concept

It goes without saying that Synergy Merchant Services is highly in favour of the merchant cash advance concept. We feel very confident that our clients would agree. Unlike traditional bank loans, our merchant cash advance program gives Canadian business owners the peace of mind in knowing that no accruing interest rate is adding more money on to the balances they have to pay back.

In addition, not having a fixed repayment schedule ensures our clients that they will never experience a late payment. As a result, there are also no late fees or negative impact to their credit scores. Instead of worrying about such things, our clients are focused on using their merchant cash advances to grow their businesses through renovating, expanding, advertising or just about anything else they choose.

The popularity of the cash advance concept is apparently growing, as we saw in yesterday’s example of it appearing in hip-hop lyrics. And while the idea of using cash advances over loans may be creeping its way into popular music, we understand that this may not be a defining factor in why our program may be of use to you.

So with that, we took to the internet to see what else was being said about merchant cash advances. On, a blogger known as David2365 shared his own views about the cash advance concept, noting that it fills an immediate need for business funding. Of course, our program’s “quickness” is yet another great feature that our clients just love.

With Synergy, a business owner may receive his or her cash advance within five business days. As David2365 points out, “At times there’s a want to get a enterprise for quick instant cash to either be operational or to be in a position to do some upgrade around the gear or their flooring room.” This is where our program certainly comes in handy.

We often say, however, that our program’s greatest feature is the fact that there is no fixed repayment schedule. We believe that it is this element that puts our clients minds most at ease. David2365 notes that not having to pay back an advance within a set amount of time allows for a stress-free process of receiving funding.

He writes: “The great thing about a merchant cash advance is that there is no have to pay out fixed month-to-month amortizations to get a offered span of time as that from the lender mortgage. It helps the cash flow with the enterprise by not burdening them with fixed monthly payments.”

If you have any questions about our merchant cash advance program, our licensed funding specialists are standing by to speak with you. Feel free to give them a call and discover the ways in which merchant cash advances can assist your company, without the hassles usually experienced when dealing with banks.

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