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The Chance Of A Wonderful Relationship

We can imagine that there are likely many people out there asking (some begging) for another chance. You know what we mean. With Valentine’s Day taking place this past Monday, couples everywhere were celebrating their relationships. There are always some couples though, that include a person who may have forgotten to even buy a card!

A few days later, these individuals are likely still in the doghouse trying to make up for the folly from just a few days ago. At Synergy Merchant Services, we like to consider ourselves the type of partner who need never be put in the doghouse. However, we do, of course, request that we are at least given a chance to begin a wonderful relationship.

Because the concept of merchant cash advances is still a relatively new one in Canada, we are well aware that most Canadian business owners are hesitant to start a relationship when first hearing about it. This is why we offer free quotes with no obligation. Consider it a meet and greet, if you will.

It’s really not even a first date, considering that you won’t have to spend anything at all to know what you are getting into. Speaking to one of our funding specialists (our matchmakers, if you will) allows you to get all of the information you need in order to begin this new venture with a new partner.

Finding out how much money you can get and what it will cost you is the least you can do to decide if a merchant cash advance is the right funding option for you. Naturally, if you are not even aware of what is available to you and how it may benefit your company, the chances of developing this new connection are slim to none.

We remain confident, however, that if you at least give us the chance, we can make you very happy for a very long time. Many of our clients, in fact, consider their relationship with Synergy a match made in heaven! This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have had negative experiences with banks when trying to secure loans.

We really don’t ask much of you to begin this new relationship. Our program requests no collateral or liens. Instead, we simply review your Visa, MasterCard and Interac sales to determine how much of a merchant cash advance you can get. Get a free quote and let us know if you would like to start on a new and exciting relationship!

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