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The Cash Advance Game

We are well into the new NHL season and hockey fans across Canada couldn’t be more excited. Then again, we suppose excitement levels likely differ depending where you are in Canada. In Alberta, for example, the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers both currently sit in the basement of the Western Conference. They can’t be too happy out there!

No strangers to being in last place, Toronto’s beloved Maple Leafs have been struggling mightily as of late. Although not currently in dead last in the Eastern Conference as they finished last season, the Leafs have some major work to do to get back to the dominant status they showed when they were winning their first four games of the 2010/2011 campaign.

Now that we have your attention, we figured we’d fill you in on how easy and – dare we say it? – fun it can be to get your hands on a merchant cash advance. In fact, it’s not much different than a hockey game. What the heck are we talking about? Okay, hockey games and merchant cash advances may not have all that much in common. But humor us, if you will.

Hockey, of course, is played throughout three 20-minute periods. So let’s discuss the three periods that make up the cash advance game! In period one, a merchant is qualified. Unlike a bank, no collateral or liens are necessary. Instead, we simply determine a merchant’s eligibility by confirming that he or she has been in business for at least one year and makes a minimum of at least $5000 in debit and/or credit sales each month.

On to period two: the quote. Once a merchant is qualified, he or she will receive a free quote from one of our licensed funding specialists. This is done once the merchant’s debit and credit card sales are reviewed. Doing so, allows our funding specialists to to determine how much money the merchant is eligible for, what the cash advance will cost and what percentage of the merchant’s future credit and debit sales will be used for repayment.

Off to period three. For business owners, this is the best part of “the game”. Once approved, a merchant can receive his or her cash advance within five business days. We aren’t joking when we say that a merchant cash advance is the quickest and easiest way for Canadian business owners to get money!

Now, of course, some hockey games go into overtime. So let’s consider the final step the “fourth period”. Obviously, the cash advance must be paid back. As mentioned earlier, this is done so using a small portion of the merchant’s future credit and debit sales. Through an automated process, payments are made without the business owner having to lift a finger.

It’s time you make your company a champion! Play the merchant cash advance game. In truth, it really isn’t a game at all. Synergy Merchant Services is committed to providing Canadian business owners with a quick, easy and risk-free way of attaining extra working capital to help their businesses grow. Game on!

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