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The Best Things In Life Are Free

You know the saying, right? Well, the title of our blog today is one that is usually met with great skepticism. As popular as the phrase is, most people would respond by saying that “nothing in life is free”. Of course, that too is another popular phrase. But which one is more accurate? We figure it all comes down to what you’re talking about.

At Synergy Merchant Services, we’re talking about providing Canadian business owners with a quote. And yes, that quote is indeed free. Here is how we look at it: If we are able to give an owner of a small to mid-sized business in Canada an opportunity to discover how much money he or she is eligible for, that same owner may find a use for it.

As we have mentioned in blogs past, many owners claim to not have any use for extra money when they first become aware of our unique merchant cash advance program. And time and time again, our licensed funding specialists discover that this apparent lack of foresight is really just disguised skepticism.

And we don’t blame these owners at all, to be very honest. Why wouldn’t they be skeptical? With the amount of stress and frustration that many of them have experienced in their dealings with banks, it is understandable that many of them feel as if attaining extra working capital is an unwanted hardship and sometimes an impossibility.

The truth is, though, that all business owners have ideas for how they would expand their businesses – that is, of course, if they could find a legitimate way to get their hands on some extra money. When Synergy says that our quotes are free, we really mean it. We greatly enjoy providing entrepreneurs with information that we know will be of great use to them – at no cost.

See, in order to attain a merchant cash advance, business owners need only to fax in copies of their monthly merchant statements that reflect their credit and debit sales. Once one of our licensed funding specialists reviews these statements, he or she will determine just how much money the owner is approved for and what the cost of the cash advance will be.

It is this information that we find is pertinent to owners across Canada, as it provides an accurate description of how much money they can get. In turn, business owners can develop legitimate ideas of how to put that money to use. If the owner is uninterested, on the other hand, they are placed under no obligation. And again, it literally will cost nothing for that person to get the information.

So perhaps, the best things in life are free, after all. Many of our clients started out by being skeptical at first. And, as always, we understand why. It is those who took the next step by receiving a free quote for a merchant cash advance, however, that found out just how quick and easy it can be to get that much-needed money to grow their businesses.

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