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The Art Of Boosting Sales During Your Slow Season

For many Canadian business owners, summer is considered the slow season. Even though we often herald the summertime as a great time to boost sales, it can be a bit more difficult for companies that are considered seasonal. Take a shop that sells winter sports equipment such as skis and skates, for example. Such shops may find it tougher to push sales during the warmest months of the year. And that’s why some added effort is needed to speed those sales up.

Launch a creative promotion.

Even if the summertime is usually your slow season, it’s still the perfect time of year to launch a new marketing campaign. You just have to be really creative! For example, if you do happen to sell winter-based items, why not throw a “Skate Your Way Through Summer Sale” (or something to that effect) where you offer your products at reduced prices to encourage a boost in sales before the winter arrives?

“Take what you learned from promoting your business during the most recent busy season and try to come up with a few ideas that will generate some traction for you right now,” encourages The UPS Store, “Recycle an old sale on a popular item, or come up with a new deal to get people through the door and browsing your products. Sometimes, something as simple as hosting an open house or a themed event can provide a welcome boost for your business.”

Reach out to your current customers.

During your slower months, it’s important to never neglect the people who have supported your business in the past. It will be a lot easier enticing them to revisit your store than it will be to attain new customers. Offer exclusive invites to a special event at your store and give them that “exclusive” feel. Customers appreciate being valued. Let them know you appreciate their business and they’ll be a lot more likely to show you their appreciation.

On, business owners are encouraged to ask their customers for reviews during their slow seasons. “Ideally, you should be asking for reviews throughout your busy season,” says the site, “But the off-season is good too because it reminds people of their experience with you.”

Sell to your season.

If your line of products is pretty specific to one season, as with the example of the winter sports equipment shop, it would be a good idea to expand your reach to areas of the world where it is winter when it is summer in Canada. Did you know that it is practically the wintertime in Australia right now? They enjoy their summertime when it’s cold and snowy up here! Consider growing your customer base by offering your products online and marketing to other regions of the world.

“If your business is truly seasonal, don’t forget it’s always the right time of year somewhere in the world,” agrees The UPS Store, “Consider targeting your online advertising to focus on customers in countries where your products and services are still very much in season. Selling to international buyers isn’t just for big companies – it can be an important growth avenue for many small businesses, and a helpful way to survive seasonal slumps at home.”

At Synergy Merchants, we’re ready to help you launch your next advertising campaign so you can boost sales during your slow season. For more information about our unique merchant cash advance program, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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