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Take A Look At The Picture

Think about it. Imagine one of your friends came up to you and said “Hey, I know this great guy/girl. I think he/she would be perfect for you. Wanna go out with him/her?” What would be your first reaction? Chances are, one of the first questions you would ask would be “What does he/she look like?”

Let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely that you would automatically jump at the chance of getting to know someone knew if you had no idea what that person looked like. So, let’s suppose you ask that question and your friend pulls out a picture of this particular person. At that point, you have officially been given an option.

Naturally, it’s your choice to decide upon whether or not you would like to meet the person in the picture. You have the ability, of course, to weigh this potential date as an option against the other dating options that you may have. Would you not then agree that it wouldn’t be smart to turn down the offer without at least looking at that picture first?

At Synergy Merchant Services, all we ask of our new clients is to simply take a look at the picture. We are, however, not offering dates! Instead, we provide merchant cash advances to small and medium-sized business owners. Taking a look at our picture simply means that you have been given a free quote by one of our funding specialists.

Once you receive a quote for a merchant cash advance, you will know exactly what our program “looks like”. You will understand how much money can be made available to your company and how much it will cost to take the advance. Without knowing this information, how will you be able to make an informed decision about your best funding options?

The least you could do is weigh this option against the many others that you may have. We are well aware that most business owners think firstly of going to the bank when thinking about getting money. We actually encourage our clients to find out what their banks can do for them so that they can compare that option to the one we provide.

We are never so bold as to say that our program is “better than the bank”. Instead, we implore our clients to compare the two processes of getting money. One thing we know for sure is that a merchant cash advance is a quicker, easier and more convenient option for getting money for your business.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Give one of our funding specialists a call and see for yourself. Let us review your debit and credit card sales so that we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Take a look at our picture and decide if a merchant cash advance is the option for you.

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