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Synergy VP John Meloche Turns The Big 3-0

Today, Synergy Merchant Services’ big Vice President of Marketing John Meloche turned the big 3-0! And by big, we mean about 6′ 7” (we’ll leave his weight out of this). So we’d like to welcome you all in joining us in wishing John a very happy 30th birthday! Of course, we’d also like to encourage you in rubbing it in that John now has a full three decades of life under his belt.

Tease all you want though. Ask John how he feels about hitting this new landmark in age and he’ll tell you that nothing has changed. Chances are, John is too busy fulfilling his duties with all of the endeavors he has taken on over the past several years. A constant workhorse and savvy businessman, John not only helps for the Synergy office to run in good working order but he is also responsible for a number of other projects.

In addition to today being John’s 30th birthday, today also marks his 15th anniversary in the marketing, design, copywriting and business consulting industries. Now, practically a master at developing website traffic, John has designed a number of websites for his various businesses including and of course, the beautiful Synergy Merchant Services website that you’re on right now.

And if those websites don’t turn you into a believer in John’s graphic design and website-traffic-increasing prowess, then feel free to check out his very own for more information on how he just may be able to help out your business’ online image.

Take it from the birthday boy himself: “My website isn’t about me. It’s about you…The same thing applies to your website. It’s not about you. It’s about your customers. It’s to help them decide whether or not you are the solution they are looking for. If your customers like your website, trust me, they will like you too!”

Now don’t get us wrong, John isn’t all business all the time. Readers of this blog are well aware that in addition to turning 30 this year, 2010 also marks the year that John takes that giant leap (figuratively and literally). This September, John will be walking down the aisle to make his lovely girlfriend Kathryn, his beautiful wife.

So what advice can we give John today as he reaches yet another milestone in his life? When posing this question around Synergy headquarters today, there were a variety of responses. “Quit now. It’s all downhill.” was one of them. Another was “Live it like every other day. Remember yesterday, you were 29. What has really changed?”

We are sure that the latter response is the one John will appreciate more. No matter the age though, John remains poised to continue his successful journey as a hardworking office manager and business owner. But more importantly, we’re sure he’ll continue to be the fun-loving and dependable guy that his friends and family know he is. (No matter how old he gets).

Happy birthday big guy!

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