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Synergy VP John Meloche Getting Hitched

This Saturday marks, perhaps, the biggest day in the life of Synergy’s biggest staff member. Our Vice President of Marketing, office manager and tallest guy in the building, John Meloche is finally walking down that aisle to tie the knot with his lovely fiancé, Kathryn.

It was nearly one year ago when we originally blogged about John and Kathryn finally setting the date for their wedding as September 25th, 2010. However, it was on Valentine’s Day last year that John popped the big question at his favourite restaurant, The David Duncan House.

On John and Kathryn’s wedding website, John tells the story of how he prepared to propose to Kathryn on that fateful evening. Knowing that Valentine’s Day may not have been the most original date to choose to ask for one’s hand in marriage, John had some concerns about having his girlfriend clue in on his plans.

He explains: “The night before Valentine’s Day, I arranged 12 red and pink roses, a big teddy bear, chocolates, a card and a 32 inch widescreen television. Also, we had planned for the next evening to go to The David Duncan House for what tends to be a pretty amazing evening. I wanted to make her think it would be impossible for me to ALSO plan a proposal.”

Who knew John was such a romantic? Waiting until after dessert (of course), John got down on one knee and popped the big question in front of family and friends. Now, here we are – a good year and a half later – and the day of the wedding is nearly here. To John and Kathryn, it likely feels that time has seemingly passed in the blink of an eye.

This week has been a crazy one for John as his last minute preparations have been taking him in and out of the Synergy offices in something of a frenzy. One can’t help but notice that he is doing it all with a quite a big smile on his face, though. “Getting nervous?” a lot of his colleagues have been asking him. “No…excited!” is John’s quick reply.

Just under a month ago, John and Kathryn held an exciting Stag & Doe. The couple partied it up with family, friends and co-workers showing that they have been excited about their impending big day for some time now. We would like to take this final opportunity to wish John and Kathryn a very happy, healthy and long life together.

Your family here at Synergy is looking forward to celebrating the biggest day of your lives with you. In other words, we can’t wait for the biggest party of the year tomorrow night. We’ll see you there for the first time as husband and wife. Congratulations guys!

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