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Synergy VP John Meloche Gets Pie-Faced!

Regular readers of the Synergy Merchant Services Blog have come to know a little bit about our beloved Vice President of Marketing, John Meloche over the past couple of years. In those years, John has proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Kathryn, won yet another first prize at a Halloween costume contest, vacationed in Dominican Republic, bought a new car and celebrated his 30th birthday!

And even though one of his many duties as Synergy VP includes ruling the roost at Synergy’s headquarters, John evidently keeps busy having a lot of fun. This time around, we have video evidence to prove it!

Friday, March 19th, 2010 marks a monumental day in the history of Synergy Merchant Services. In case you haven’t press play on our attached video just yet, earlier today the ENTIRE Synergy staff gathered around to see Big John take not one, but TWO lemon meringue pies to the face!

You may be wondering what John did to deserve getting the never-to-be-forgotten pie facing. Well, today’s events proved once again that John is pretty much up for just about anything that seems like a good time, especially if it means keeping his staff happy. Owning up to a promised incentive for his sales staff, John allowed two members of the team to each hit him square in the face with a fresh pie!

You’ll notice that after some conspiring by Synergy team members, the second pie didn’t quite hit its mark. Instead a new, an even more hilarious target was nailed. We’re all pretty sure that as much as this event made John laugh hysterically, he’s pretty upset he didn’t get to chow down on that second pie. Notice how he opens wide on pie number one? We think that today’s pie facing may just have been an excuse for John to down some of his favourite sweet deserts.

Regardless, John has yet again invigorated his staff and has added to his ever-growing list of reasons to be considered the best office manager in the city of Toronto (dare we say, the world?). Our hats off to John for showing us all how to have a good time at work, reminding us that laughing at yourself and allowing others to laugh along with you is okay.

As if the 6 foot 7 Synergy VP wasn’t big enough, John proved today just how big of a man he is. Allowing several dozen camera phones to capture the action earlier today, John ensured that his moment as an office joke-to-tell-for-years was documented for the entire world to see.

Thanks to one of our esteemed staff members, we present to you the attached video – perhaps the best one taken today – to bring to you John Meloche in all his glory. We challenge any other office manager out there to provide as awesome an incentive to their staff members – and own up to it!

As John himself mentioned, today actually was one of the most productive days in the company’s history. Perhaps, John should offer his team the opportunity to hit him with more food items more often!

Thanks John. No one can ever say that you’re not a good sport. The entire staff appreciates your good natured humour and ability to keep the team on its toes. We hope you enjoyed the pie as much as we all enjoyed seeing it all over your face!

Good times.

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