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Synergy Offers New Career Opportunities

Synergy Merchant Services is proud to announce the addition of numerous new members to its family. The question is, would like to be part of it?

If the answer is yes, then hopefully you would agree with an adage that has become popular around our headquarters. The adage being that having a “JOB” means that you are “Just Over Broke”!

Instead, Synergy is gearing towards offering hard working, determined and forward- thinking individuals the opportunity to begin and flourish within a new career. We are currently in the process of hiring people who possess a passion towards being successful in the merchant funding industry.

Those looking for a career in this field, and not just a job, should have a number of very important traits in order to attain success with our company. Ask yourself the following questions and consider this your first “pre-interview” if you are thinking of applying for a position at Synergy:

Am I serious about taking advantage of a full-time career opportunity? Am I a proactive problem-solver? Am I able to thrive in a fast-paced and constantly changing work environment? How good is my ability to develop a rapport with clients and fellow employees?

In addition to having an ambitious mindset and a strong set of skills, you should also possess a certain amount of experience to determine if you are truly cut out to join the leaders in the Merchant Cash Advance business.

Can I demonstrate a strong ability to communicate over the phone to provide the highest calibre of service available in the industry? How good are my computer skills? Do I have a reputation for setting goals and persuing them until they are achieved? Am I adept at combining my good judgment with my business knowledge in order to make sound decisions?

The obvious truth is that Synergy Merchant Services is looking for driven individuals who have answered with a resounding “YES” to all of the above questions. If you are looking for a REAL opportunity, you need not look any further. Seek a fulfilling career by contacting Synergy immediately.

We are accepting serious applicants by phone appointment only. Please call 416-512-1366, extension 555 and begin your new career by selling yourself. No, not in that way!

Leave an energized and well thought-out message communicating your desire to join the Synergy Merchant Services family. Take the time to describe some of your goals, skills and experience. You may be just one phone message away from starting your new career!

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