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Synergy Loves Restaurants

This Sunday, Synergy Merchant Services will be making its way back to the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto for the CRFA Show. Our fourth consecutive visit to this annual hospitality event, Synergy is excitedly looking forward to what is one of our favourite times of the year.

As you may have guessed from our previous blogs, the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association provides the most sensational of live experiences for its members every year. With the opportunity to showcase one’s business at booths displaying products and information on services, CRFA members know that the annual show is a can’t-miss event.

Considering that the CRFA is known for lobbying on behalf of members of the restaurant and foodservices industries, you may be wondering how and why Synergy Merchant Services became a member. Well, aside from the fact that we love food, we also love helping to grow the restaurant business in Canada!

With many of our own clients being restaurant owners, we have become well aware over the years, that these entrepreneurs face great difficulty in securing financing for their businesses from banks. “They consider our business a great liability,” say many of our restaurateurs, “Apparently loaning money to restaurants is risky business.”

Our merchant cash advance program, on the other hand, works ideally for restaurant owners. Unlike most businesses, restaurants are open almost all the time. We’re talking weekends and even holidays – you can often trust a restaurant to open its doors to its customers when they are need of filling their bellies.

Because our program is based predominantly on a merchant’s Visa, MasterCard and Interac sales – methods of payment common in restaurants – it helps for our clients to be easily eligible for an advance. In addition, it makes for the repayment process to be an effortless one.

Best of all, restaurant owners do not ever have to worry about losing any of their equipment or even the business itself in the process of securing the financing to grow their companies. This, of course, is because no collateral is necessary to be approved for a merchant cash advance.

We look forward to meeting with many more restaurant owners starting this Sunday at this year’s CRFA Show. Be sure to come and visit us by booth 1009. We are certain that your experience at this year’s event will have you leaving with a lot more confidence about your business’ future. That…and a full stomach!

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