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Synergy Boasts Nearly 27,000 Client Relationships

For the past three years, Synergy Merchant Services Inc. has worked diligently to become “Canada’s Merchant Funding Company”. Today, Synergy proudly boasts nearly 27,000 client relationships as their energetic and hard-working staff make it a daily mission to introduce themselves to small to medium sized business owners all across Canada.

Their secret? Well, it’s not much of a secret at all. Persistence. Perseverance. Patience. (Hmm, something about those P’s…perhaps we should look further into that). A positive attitude and a steadfast dedication to the excellent service that Synergy Merchant Services provides both help to make Synergy the leaders in the merchant cash advance industry.

Merchant cash advances are alternative sources of financing that have been helping business owners in Canada to expand, renovate, buy new inventory and advertise over the past few years. This has allowed for great growth and success for these businesses that may never have been realized without the additional working capital.

Especially during the current economic crisis, banks are, and for the most part always have been, difficult to work with when trying to secure extra capital. With Synergy’s merchant cash advance program, a business owner requires no collateral, no interest accrues on the balance and no liens against the business are necessary.

Funding generally takes place within five business days and repayment is as simple as continuing to process Visa, MasterCard and Interac transactions at the point of sale terminals. A small percentage of one’s future sales pays back the cash advance at the pace that is dictated by the transactions generated by that business. Synergy’s merchant cash advance program, unlike traditional small business loans, is truly a business friendly working capital tool.

Our website has also proved to be an excellent source of fostering new relationships with small and medium sized business owners in Canada. In addition to the wealth of information provided on this great site, it also allows for interested entrepreneurs to apply for a free, no obligation quote directly online. Efficiency and convenience are major factors in helping Synergy to be a customer friendly leader in the merchant financing industry.

Synergy excitedly looks forward to building even greater relationships with business owners all over Canada in the years to come!

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