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Sweeten Your Summer Sales

A summer blog already? Well, not exactly. But, believe it or not, for business owners across Canada, the time has already come to consider this year’s summer season. As always, being ahead of the competition means thinking ahead. And being prepared for the seasons that are upcoming will ensure that you have a leg up!

A merchant cash advance is the perfect way to ensure that you are always fully stocked for the future. Many of our clients indicate that one of the best uses of a merchant cash advance is buying new inventory when the cost is relatively inexpensive. For example, buying items meant for the summer during the winter is a key to success later in the year.

Whether it is clothing, sporting goods, barbeques, sunglasses or beach apparel, stocking up on summer items now may be the best way to go. Since almost no one is looking to pick up such items in January, business owners can stock up on these products at cheap prices from their suppliers.

That way, they are well prepared for the summer season. The products generally go out in the spring, and customers are assured a large array of items to choose from. These business owners cash in big as the profits from the purchases of these items make for great pay days!

One of the best things about our merchant cash advance program is the fact that there is no fixed repayment schedule. That way, when the merchant takes the advance, he or she knows that there is no set date to make payments back. Payments are made through a percentage of each Visa, MasterCard or Interac transaction.

So even if business is slow during the winter season, there is no need to worry about being late with payments. When business picks up in the summer, the merchant is able to pay back the advance quicker based on the increased sales. At the end of the day, it’s all about the increased business for the merchant.

If you haven’t begun to think about the upcoming spring and summer seasons, it would be a good idea to give a call to one of our funding specialists. You might want to think of the ways that you can increase your profits this year by investing in some seasonal inventory, well before that season starts!

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