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How To Survive Emergency Situations At Your Company

The winter can be a very trying time for Canadian business owners. Not only does the cold tend to keep people indoors more often (thereby, resulting in less customers walking through the doors), but the harsh weather conditions can actually create problems for the physical structure that is your place of business.

What types of emergencies are Canadian business owners likely to face?

Frozen pipes, cracked windows and flooding are actually commonplace occurrences for many Canadian business locations during the winter. But the list of unfortunate, out-of-nowhere circumstances could go on forever. Fires, vandalism, theft and even random accidents like a car crashing into your front door are all possibilities – no matter how unlikely. You need to be prepared for anything.

It’s important to have a plan set in place for such emergencies, especially if they present situations where your business may have to be halted for a period of time. The Business Development Bank of Canada strongly recommends that entrepreneurs create business continuity plans. They provide templates on their website to help start those plans.

“While some companies have developed contingency plans, most have not,” mentions the BDC, “This lack of preparedness not only threatens the viability of sectors in Canada but, as in the case of manufacturing, it also jeopardizes the delivery of critical goods that depend on complex supply chain systems. Creating and maintaining a business continuity plan helps ensure that your business has the resources and information needed to deal with an emergency.”

It’s also important to remember to address the public perception of your business.

Not only do you want to ensure that you quickly attend to necessary repairs and replacements after an unfortunate situation, you want to make sure that your customer base is aware that you are on top of things. Don’t forget that public perception counts for a lot. If the general public is under the impression that you’ve gone out of business due to a negative circumstance, it could spell the end for your company.

“The sooner the company speaks publicly the better,” says Heather Ripley on, “Today, smartphones, tablets, and computers let information (both correct and otherwise) flow swiftly. Hunkering down and hoping a crisis will blow over is never a good idea. Companies that wait too long to respond will find that the news media and the online community will seek other sources for information. The end result could be that you waste valuable time trying to set the record straight.”

How can Synergy Merchants help you to overcome your emergency situations?

We all know what it’s like dealing with insurance companies. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover your loss or damage sufficiently, or if you’re enduring hardships getting the help you need from your insurance company representative, our unique merchant cash advance program can provide an ideal solution.

We can get you the money you need to address your emergency situation within 24 hours! For more information about our unique merchant cash advance program, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at


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