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We must say, we are pretty proud of our Synergy Merchant Services Blog. With it’s recent facelift complete with photos and easier access to other related posts, our blog is one of our most effective sources of communicating with our client base on a regular basis.

Although we pay close attention to Canada’s financial climate and discuss small business and our alternative source of funding, our blog also likes to peruse through the many wondrous current events that affect our nation. Everything from weather to sports to various stories involving our industry, this very blog is a favourite go-to destination for many an online reader to discover what’s happening in today world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been loyal readers of this blog since its inception in 2008. Of course, at just two years old, your favourite blog only continues to get better. We’d like to ensure that you continue to reap the great benefits of this fascinating daily read by inviting you to subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you haven’t yet joined, it’s as simple as going to The sign-up process is simple. Doing so will allow you immediate access to all of our latest posts. There are a number of easy ways to subscribe to the feed including through Google Reader and iGoogle.

As we have mentioned a number of times before, maintaining a frequently updated blog keeps your customer base aware that things are happening with your company. A website that goes un-updated for lengthy periods of time becomes virtually useless. Your clients want to know that you are on top of your game and that you are continually working towards becoming a leader in your industry.

Our blog has not only secured Synergy Merchant Services a constantly growing number of loyal readers, but it has also opened up a nation of small to medium-sized business owners to the prospect of securing extra captial for their compaines in a way they never before knew about.

Sometimes a blog is the best way to communicate to your customers. Industry jargon set to the side, blogs are most often written in a conversational, everyday speech type of fashion. They lend themselves to being more “friendly” than your average article or news piece.

Often explaining our program in a simple and to-the-point way, the Synergy Merchant Services Blog continues to help grow our business. As always, we recommend that you take advantage of blog writing for your own company’s website.

Now, don’t worry yourself if you can’t get your blog to look and read as snazzy and as slick as ours (we try our best). Simply ensure that your topics are relevant to your business as well as the readers who you are trying to attract to your brand. Feel free to keep them light and be sure to touch on a variety of subjects.

Blogs help to add that human side to an otherwise cold business world. So subscribe to our blog and help us to keep in better touch with you. Perhaps you may even have some ideas that you would like us to blog about. We are always open to suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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