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Spruce Up Your Company Image

Renovating happens to be one of the most popular choices of our clients for things to do with their merchant cash advances. It rarely ever is a bad thing to spruce things up. Your company image should especially be kept fresh to keep up with both the advances in technology and the needs of your customers.

For example, if your store signage does not include your company’s website, perhaps it’s time to get a new one. It has become common knowledge that many customers flock to business websites before traveling to a store to make a purchase. Browsing for various items and comparing prices on the internet has become a common practice. defines a company’s image as a combination of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and visions people have about you, your products and services, or your company.” So, in other words, the image of your business is not one you necessarily decide. It’s based on what others think about your company.

The website believes that your company image is a simple concept. The most successful businesses are the one that create images that are very easily described and recognized by their target audiences. However, your company image is also complex in that it is made up of a variety of elements.

These elements, writes, include your company’s “advertising, marketing, communications, publicity, store locations, prices and product positioning.” What is the identity you want your business to encapsulate in the marketplace? Keep in mind that your competition may present the same image.

The question then becomes, what can you do to present a superior image to that of your competitors? This is where being on top of your game and consistently freshening things up comes into play. Your website should always look updated, but of course, so should your place of business. writes that two chains within the same industry can provide different images based on the respective looks of the stores. Says the site: “One chain might not be as clean or brightly lit as another. Its employees might not be as helpful and friendly. You may choose the clean, brightly lit, friendly store because of those image attributes alone.”

Other important factors to consider to make sure you provide a positive image of your company include your company logo, your product packaging, how your employees interact with your customers, how your phones are answered and how your employees are dressed.

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