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Show The Love Online

Newsflash: the internet is popular. The worst-kept secret in all of media is the fact that the internet is arguably the most widely-used form of finding information and entertainment in the world. These days, nearly everything can be downloaded. Music, movies and most certainly pictures are sought after online.

So naturally, people flock to their computer screens and their smart phones as their first points of contact for all of the latest news about just about anything out there. As if this point wasn’t already made clear in our blogs from last week about the subject, we’d like to encourage you to consider the ways in which your customer base can find information about your company online.

On, Jean Elbert writes about the steps that should be taken to make sure your website is one that people will love to check out. Elbert acknowledges that most people spend long hours every day perusing through the many websites on the internet. Some like to just kill time, others are into social networking.

Often, people use the internet for resources for their studies, while others want to keep up to date on the most recent trends and shop. This is why business owners should take the internet so seriously. As Elbert points out, it as become “rampant” with sites that cater to the needs of businesses, entrepreneurship and employment.

For those that like to shop online – and there are many out there – locating an easy-to-understand and informative website may be the reason they decide to shop at a certain store. Elbert suggests that firstly, you “go for the thing that you love”. If you do something that is close to your heart, your business will automatically feel more genuine.

You can always tell when someone is running a business that is dear to his or her heart. It can be seen in the products and services offered and in the performance of the work being done. For business owners, it makes the work feel a lot less like actual work. Allow for your website to communicate how much love you have for your company and its customers.

“Set your target population,” writes Elbert, “It is easier to define the works and ways of your services once you have been able to identify the persons who will benefit most from it. And from there, you can focus on what tickles their fancy. On what their preference are so that you would not divert from what is really needed by your consumers.”

As well, be sure to offer services that “answer questions and solve problems.” You also want to “be different” so that you stand out from your competitors. And finally, be sure to maintain honesty. As Elbert states, “The interaction going on happens online. So the issue about trust is a big factor. You yourself should be transparent in everything you do and let this be shown and delivered clearly to the patrons of your services.”

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