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Set Up Your Super Summer

Summer is coming! And yes, we know that spring has just barely gotten underway. But with the snow having melted and likely not to return until next winter, we couldn’t help but express our excitement. There’s a lot to love about the warm summer months. Barbeques, dips in the pool and not having to lug around a heavy jacket are just a few of summer’s perks.

For the most part, our clients generally love the summer months as well. It’s not uncommon for retailers to experience a boost in sales when the weather is hot. It only makes sense, considering that the sunny skies invite people to leave their homes more often.

For this reason, we often encourage our clients to think about ways in which they can boost their sales during the summer. Now just because summer is on the way, there is no reason for a business owner to simply sit back and assume that sales will pick up. It’s in the months before summer starts that they must prepare to stock their stores and advertise their goods.

Restaurants, for example, enjoy major spikes in business during the summer months. Of course, eateries with patios are able to open them up in order to seat a lot more patrons. Offering customers the option of sitting either inside or outside is a great way to increase business during the summer.

Many of our clients who have not yet opened a patio like taking their merchant cash advances to build one! Are you a restaurant owner? Have you ever thought of building a patio for your restaurant to seat extra customers? But you just weren’t sure where to get the money to do so?

One of our licensed funding specialists would be more than happy to discuss your options with you. A phone call today could mean a new patio this summer!  Clothing retailers, also enjoy a boost in sales even in the months leading up to the summer. Of course, many people like to be up on the latest fashions so as to not be unprepared when the temperature rises.

Have you stocked your store with summer inventory yet? Are you still unsure of how to afford those new shipments of summer clothing that could really help your sales figures in the coming months? Give us a call today and discover how quick and easy it can be to help your business enjoy its best summer yet!

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