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Repairs Coming For Gardiner Expressway

As if, almost on cue, construction will be taking place on one of Toronto's busiest roadways this weekend. Just a day after the Synergy Merchant Services Blog highlighted the “clogged arteries” that are Toronto's highways and streets, news came today of the Gardiner Expressway being shut down this Saturday for “road resurfacing and maintenance work”.

Could our blog have had something to do with this? You're welcome, Toronto.

Unless, of course, you had plans to do some commuting this weekend that involved the Gardiner Expressway, which connects downtown Toronto with the city's western suburbs, this comes as good news for the Toronto's drivers.

For the record, the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway (how many of you knew that was was its full name?) “will be closed from Carlaw Avenue to the Humber River from 2 a.m. to noon on Saturday” according to 680News' website.

“All southbound traffic on the Don Valley Parkway will be forced to exit at Lake Shore Boulevard and all eastbound traffic on the Gardiner Expressway will be forced to exit onto Lake Shore Boulevard at the Humber River,” they report.

For those of you who may be considering this a major inconvenience, there is a bright side to this story. It appears as if the City of Toronto is doing its part in attempting to improve this roadway before the winter season is upon us.

Among the maintenance expected to be completed this weekend is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera maintenance, road surface repair, guide rail and centre median repair, pavement markings and sign maintenance, lighting work, catch basin cleaning, asphalt grinding and paving as well as expressway sweeping operations and litter removal.

If these renovations don't please Toronto drivers, then hopefully the following information will. 680News also reports that gas prices are set to drop by 1.7 cents tonight. According to gas price watcher, Dan McTeague (who knew there was such a job?), prices are expected to drop to 91.2 cents a litre.

Happy travels!

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