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Renovations Equal Invigoration

Sure…there are all types of ways that a business owner can improve his or her company. At Synergy Merchant Services, we provide business owners from all over Canada the opportunity to secure that much-needed extra capital in order to help their businesses grow and expand.

Although this is, by no means, a requirement in order to be approved for a merchant cash advance, many of our clients often inform of us of exactly what they have planned for the money they receive. Among the most popular choices to upgrade their businesses is renovations.

Renovating, of course, gives your place of business that updated, fresh and innovative feeling. There is no way to replicate the satisfaction one gets by experiencing something “new”. And especially during today's financial climate, business owners are encouraged to be weary of falling behind in the market place by remaining stale.

We firmly believe that those forward-thinking merchants, who wish to go that extra mile for their customers, are the ones who will continue to succeed for many years to come.

In an online article by Retail Visual Design consultant Linda Cahan, this belief is shown to be well-founded. “Renovations talk to your customers and to your staff,” she writes, “When management chooses to renovate a store it is showing its faith in the future of the store. Both customers and staff are aware that renovations are rarely made to stores about to be closed.”

In addition to solidifying the notion that you are not going out of business, Cahan notes that renovating helps to develop a trust with customers as well as sending a loud and clear message to your competition.

The message, writes Cahan, can be summed up by just about any of the following phrases: “I'm here to stay”, “I'm a player”, “I'm offering my customers more than my competition” and, our favourite – the ever-so confident “Match me!”.

At the end of the day, a newly renovated store communicates an increased sense of product value to a customer base. As Cahan writes, “The perceived quality of a purchase is in direct proportion to the look of a store. People buy down in prices when a stores' energy and appearance is faded, tired and old. Even when maintenance standards are high, people can sense dead energy.”

To Cahan, there is a simple equation that business owners everywhere should master. Very simply, renovations equal better sales.

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