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Prime Minister Wants More Hockey In Canada

With Canada currently battling its economic downturn, it is not uncommon to find an unhappy Canadian frustrated with the lack of job opportunities and the onslaught of daily bad news. This is especially true in Ontario which, as reported this week, is experiencing its worst deficit of all time.

Naturally then, the Canadian government is being examined closely to see what it is they will do to right the ship and pull the nation out of its lowly state – both financially and emotionally.

Apparently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has an idea that is sure to please nearly every Canadian citizen. He would like for Canada to have more NHL hockey teams.

That's right Canada! Now, how could you possibly get mad at the Prime Minister for that?

In a league of 30 teams, including the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes and the 'do people even know what hockey is there?' Nashville Predators, there are only six franchises representing the Great White North. From west to east, we have the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and of course, (who could forget the only winless team in the league at the moment?), our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

At one time, there was also the Winnipeg Jets (who are now the Coyotes) and Quebec Nordiques (now the Colorado Avalanche). Today, at a new conference in Quebec's Beauce region, Harper discussed a plan to bring back the defunct Quebec Nordiques who left in the 1990s.

Harper, who couldn't possibly upset the majority of Canadians with this idea, is a self-admitted big hockey fan. He believes that in addition to Quebec City and Winnipeg, that Hamilton could also support an NHL team.

As The Canadian Press reports, however, Harper “says he wants to avoid being dragged into a political debate.” At present, “Quebec City is in the middle of a municipal election and its incumbent mayor is campaigning on a promise to build a modern arena that could attract an NHL team.”

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