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Olympic Torch Touches Down In Toronto

With the Winter Olympic Games just around the corner in February 2010, Canada is excitedly getting prepared to host the huge event. Taking place in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, the Winter Games are being held in Canada for the first time since 1988 when they emanated from Calgary.

Today however, Toronto was granted the privilege of having the famed Olympic torch pass through the nation’s biggest city. Although 100 or so protesters attempted to block its path, the ever-lit torch made its way through Yonge Street. towards City Hall. The protesters, however, were heavily outnumbered by the many supporters who came out to see the torch passed along during its famous run throughout the world.

As reported by The Toronto Sun, it is believed that many of the protesters represented the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty who are angry “about the effect the Olympics will have on Vancouver’s native community.” Nevertheless, many who are excited about the upcoming games lined the streets of downtown Toronto to catch a glimpse of some of the torch carriers twho included Olympic rower Marnie McBean and ballerina Karen Kain.

The Olympics have long been known to showcase the diversity of the world and the coming together of all nations in celebration of that diversity. This was evident today as another torchbearer, Akshay Kumar who is a famous Bollywood actor, drew several hundred fans from Toronto’s East Indian community.

For some fans who can’t travel to B.C. for the games in February, today’s torch run throughout the streets of Toronto represented the next best thing. Quoted by The Toronto Sun, retiree Murray Swartz said of he and his wife: “We came down to see what all the excitement is all about. We support our team and hope they win a lot of gold medals.”

By approximately 7pm today, the torch found its way west of Toronto in Brampton, Ontario. There, the final torchbearer Ryan Bennett carried the torch around the Gage Park skating trail in a sledge hockey sled. The torch will remain there for the night and begin its departure from Brampton tomorrow morning.

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games is expected to bring a lot of attention to Canada and with that, a lot of business. It is hopeful that not only will our Canadian athletes win gold but our business owners will receive the equivalent in terms of sales. Clearly, the lodging industry will be very busy. So with that, here’s to the new year bringing both Canada’s Olympians and economy to new heights.

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