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No Obligation Is No Scam

Scenario: someone calls you up on the phone who you have never heard of before. They offer you the opportunity to take advantage of a product or service you have never heard of before. This product or service has to do with the offer of money. In fact, it’s a significant amount of money that could potentially be yours within five days…or so they say.

What is the first thought that pops into your head? We’re guessing there may be a few that go something along the lines of … “Who are these people?” or “What kind of scam is this?” Naturally, people are quick to assume that when a business proposition is offered to them over the phone, that there must be some sort of scam involved.

This, of course, is the stereotype that is latched on to telemarketers, who for the most part, are simply doing their legitimate jobs. We too, here at Synergy Merchant Services, do employ the use of a small call centre. For the most part, we know that reaching out to business owners all over Canada requires that we call them up directly.

And even though the stereotype of the “crooked telemarketer” is always looming, we are more than confident that if given the opportunity, our reps will put your fears to rest. So don’t be alarmed or taken aback if you receive a phone call from one of our friendly and well-trained representatives.

Their objectives are very simple. They wish for nothing more than to simply introduce our merchant cash advance program to you. Far from a scam, our program offers Canadian business owners of small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to receive a free quote for a merchant cash advance with no obligation to become involved in the program.

That way, we assure our potential clients that the initial phone call will cost them absolutely nothing. Don’t get us wrong, we are well aware that there are many businesses out there who use telemarketing negatively. The resulting bad reputation of those who work on the phone is a hard one to shake. Nevertheless, we ask that you give us an open ear.

We recognize and completely understand your skepticism. But we ask that you look into receiving your free quote to determine whether or not there really is anything to be skeptical about. Most often, clients who first hear of our program question the concept of getting money with no interest rate affixed to it.

Since the cash advance is not a loan, our clients to do not have an accruing interest rate or fixed repayment schedule. Instead, they are charged a one time fee and they pay the advance back through their future credit and debit sales without having to lift a finger to process any of the payments.

We know this may sound strange, but we’d like you to find out how much money you can get and what it may cost you. We are sure that doing so will not only put your fears to rest, but will also give you greater confidence that a merchant cash advance may be just what you were looking for to help grow your business. Talk to you soon!

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