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New Jobs Help To Boost Canadian Economy

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Apparently, Synergy isn't the only company offering new opportunities during this recession. According to an article released by Julian Beltrame of The Canadian Press earlier today, the Canadian economy created over 27,000 new jobs in the month of August. This stunning new development, says Beltrame, has actually boosted the Canadian dollar by more than 1.5 cents raising its value at over 92 cents U.S.

Economists note that a recovery of the nation's economy coming this early is significant even though the majority of new jobs offered were part-time positions. This news should come as a major upside for Canadians who have lost their jobs over the past several months. The perspective that there could not possibly be an end to the recession without the reclaiming of jobs and developing of new employment opportunities is a popular one.

The rise in new jobs has also been coupled with a growth in consumer confidence, rising to its highest level in two years this past August, according to another report released earlier today by the Harris Decima polling firm.

Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist with BMO Capital Markets was quoted as saying: “It just reinforces the view that the recession has ended and that we're in the early stages of a recovery.”

Canadians have heard this before though. Any premature declaration of the recession being “over” is sure to not sit well with those citizens who are still in the midst of looking for employment.

Of course, skepticism remains rampant. As Beltrame writes, “Economists noted that the Statistics Canada monthly jobs survey is notoriously volatile and that the details of the August report are not so impressive as the headline numbers.”

There are many more Canadians, of course, still looking for work. The recession may not be over yet, but hopefully the end is now reasonably in sight. In more ways than one, more work will need to be done.

And Synergy is happy to do its part.

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