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Why You Need To Buy New Equipment For Your Business Now!

Most business owners like to begin their new years with a “bang”. In other words, they enjoy kickstarting each new year with something new and exciting in order to energize both their customers and their employees. That way, they can get a leg up on their competition, in hopes to set themselves up for very successful years. But no advantages can be won, however, when using outdated technology. This is why it’s important to buy new equipment for your business…now!

Keep up with your competitors.

“A business with access to better equipment can compete more effectively in the marketplace,” insists Seacoast National Bank on their website, “When your competitors upgrade their business equipment and you lag behind, you risk losing customers to the competition. That’s the last thing you want, especially if your industry depends on up-to-date gear or machinery.”

When is the last time you updated your company’s technical equipment? Are you still using outdated fax machines? Are your desktop computers of the huge, square-box variety? If you’re using old equipment (and, keep in mind that “old” can mean “from five years ago”), you risk becoming irrelevant to the members of your customer base. You also run the risk of having your employees fall behind in their productivity (when compared to your competitors), because they’re working with outdated technology.

Increase your efficiency.

By upgrading your equipment, you increase efficiency at your place of business. New computer models, updated software, cloud-hosted phone services – these are just a few of the technological advances that your company should be taking advantage of. Not to mention, updating the equipment at your place of business can significantly improve workplace safety.

“Old equipment, even when well-maintained, presents certain safety risks,” reports the Seacoast site, “If an employee injures him or herself on the job, you could face significant expenses in worker’s compensation and other costs. Purchasing new equipment for your small business keeps your workplace as safe as possible.”

Ramp up your security.

With older technology, there are less failsafes in place. The latest technological advancements come with many new security features that help to protect your company’s important confidential information. The last thing you want is a security breach that could compromise the privacy of your customers as well as your company’s policies, strategies and finances.

“Security also improves with new equipment, especially when it comes to hardware, software, and machinery,” states, “Manufacturers introduce new anti-theft features, improve data security, and create tougher packaging that reduces the risk of loss from environmental factors.”

At Synergy Merchants, we proudly offer Canadian business owners the opportunity to take advantage of our unique merchant cash advance program. With minimal paperwork and an extremely quick application process, our program helps entrepreneurs get their hands on the much-needed extra working capital to buy new equipment. You can actually be funded in under 24 hours!

For more information about our unique merchant cash advance program or to get a free, no obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to call Synergy Merchants at 1-877-718-2026 or email us at

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