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Merchant Cash Advance Popularity in Canada

Merchant Cash Advances, Merchant Funding, Factoring, or whatever you call it! The popularity of the Synergy Merchant Services Merchant Cash Advance program offered through Canada is growing at a very impressive rate.

I am finding that the rate of growth is directly related with educating our customers about our program. Since the beginning of our business, we have been reviewing the popularity of our web site and have found that there is, in fact, a growing demand for the products and services that we offer.

The Merchant Cash Advance industry in Canada is growing. Booming potentially! Most in our industry know that the Canadian Merchant Cash Advance industry is still very young, only about two years.

The Merchant Cash Advance program in the United States of America is considered a multi-billion dollar a year industry. In Canada, we haven't even reached 1 billion yet, even though we are well on our way.

With growing demand for business funding and requests from potential ISO's who want to get involved in our industry, the demand at times has been overwhelming. We're growing as fast as we can to keep up with the growing demand as outlined in the graph below.

You will see the popularity of our program online has reached an astounding spike to more than 2,000 average unique visitors a day and 5,000+ pages viewed thru ought our web site.

This growth rate is expected to bring Synergy Merchant Services and our Merchant Cash Advance business into a whole new era. A trusted solution for fast, easy and risk free money is here!

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