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Making Your Store A Go-To Holiday Shopping Destination

November is here! In other words, the holiday shopping season has officially begun. As we pointed out last week, in the retail world, there really is no such thing as “too early” when it comes to planning your holiday season marketing strategies.

That goes double in 2020. COVID-19 is likely to impact traditional holiday shopping in a big way. Many consumers are probably going to go the online route for their gift-buying needs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t attract foot traffic into your store. What steps can you take to make your store a go-to holiday shopping destination?

Email a list of gift suggestions to your subscribers.

What to buy for my loved ones? This question is on the minds of consumers all over the country. You’ll be doing your business a huge favour by answering this question for them. Email your subscribers your list of gift suggestions. Naturally, include links to your online store’s product pages and/or include discount codes that can be used in-store. Making it easy for people to know what to buy as gifts will go a long way in making them choose your store to get them.

“If you have collected email addresses from your customers, create and email a gift guide that highlights a handful of cool gift ideas,” encourages Lisa Furgison on, “You can break the guides into categories like ‘Gifts for Mom’ or ‘Stocking Stuffers Under $10.’ Or, maximize Pinterest and create special gift guide boards like the examples below. Share links on your social media channels and in your emails.”

Deck the heck out of your halls!

If you haven’t begun decorating your place of business yet, it’s time to get going! Before the weekend arrives, be sure that your store looks like a holiday haven. Getting people into the holiday spirit will be particularly important for those still feeling the brunt of the pandemic’s economic impact. In addition to decorations, be sure to place ample signage throughout the store to alert visitors to your gift ideas and the special discounts you’re offering.

“Retailers are also looking to avoid last-minute logistical nightmares, which can drive up their costs,” notes Lauren Thomas in a recent report for CNBC, “That’s why they have already stocked the shelves with red and green decor.”

Give gifts to your shoppers.

Your shoppers are not only braving the cold, they’re braving COVID-19 as well. Reward them. Let them know you appreciate their business and give them further encouragement to continue supporting your store in the future. Arguably, the best way to do that is to offer them free gifts for purchasing their gifts from you. In addition, as Furgison points out, giveaways are a great way to introduce customers to a new product.

“Everyone loves a freebie, especially during the holidays,” she writes, “Use the inspiration of the beloved 12 Days of Christmas song to give away 12 items leading up to Christmas. HBO, for example, offered 12 episodes of its hottest shows for free during the holiday season.”

Need some help getting your holiday marketing plans off the ground?

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