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Making Your Monday Magical

This morning, Synergy Vice President of Marketing, John Meloche rallied the troops and offered up to his staff some of the best advice an office manager could give. Speaking to the fact that it was a Monday morning, the seemingly always-lively John shared his method of ensuring that every morning, he is energetically prepared for his day of work.

We know that no matter where you work, Monday morning isn’t exactly the easiest time of the week. After either a relaxing or party-filled weekend, most people don’t get overly excited about waking up on Monday to prepare themselves for the first day of the work week. This doesn’t apply to John, however. In addition to loving his job, John also has managed to develop a failsafe regiment that always puts him in the best physical and emotional mood.

Firstly, John shared with his team the sound of his wake-up alarm. And it’s not what you would generally expect. Instead of the often-irritating noisy alarm sound that awakes most people from their slumbers, John’s wake-up call is a single peaceful strum of a harp. We’re not kidding. And it actually wakes him up!

John’s insistence that this is the perfect sound to wake up to lies in the fact that the harmonic and graceful tone sets the mood for his entire day. He doesn’t wake up agitated or annoyed but instead, is at peace and happy about the day ahead. John is a big believer that moods – like colds – are contagious. Therefore, he does his best to ensure that he walks into the Synergy offices each morning with a smile on his face and an exuberant approach to his interactions with his employees.

This way, believes John, his mood will catch on with the rest of his team, providing a joyful atmosphere for all to work in. This, of course, fosters a more productive work day from everybody. Perhaps, it is this productivity that inspires John to get to work early each day. agrees that “to overcome the Monday blues” one should plan ahead and set a goal for the very reason to get out of bed on Monday morning. When you have developed an incentive to get out of bed, it will help with the wake-up process.

It may sound cliché, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. John insists that you make it a hot breakfast as well. This gets the body going and the blood flowing, he says. The energy derived from a good, hot breakfast is also a requirement to get you through the day.

John also loves to discuss what the members of his team did over the weekend. Think about starting your Monday morning meetings with this topic in an effort to put your staff at ease. In’s steps to overcoming the dreariness of a Monday morning, it also suggests sharing exciting news with your friends and co-workers to help get you get in the mood for your Monday morning.

Most important, perhaps, is the site’s advice to “embrace the day (and) remember that it is not going to last forever. If you keep a positive attitude throughout the day, it will go much faster and you won’t have to endure the Monday blues.”

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