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Make The Most Of Your Peak Seasons

As discussed previously on the Synergy Merchant Services Blog, most businesses could be considered “seasonal”. The many business owners that we have developed relationships with over the past several years have all communicated that their businesses do experience high and low seasons. Some moreso than others.

Motels and inns in cottage country, for example, enjoy a spike in business during the warmer months of the summer season. Understandably, many owners of these types of establishments choose to make upgrades, repairs and other types of renovations during the slower winter months.

These types of businesses are among those that experience the greatest satisfaction from participating in our merchant cash advance programs. One reason for this is the ability the cash advance offers them to use their future sales to finance their renovations immediately.

Owners of motels and inns are always concerned with ensuring that their rooms are clean, well-kept and most certainly functional. Plumbing and electricity may sometimes be issues that require immediate attention. The importance of maintaining their properties can be a constant stress.

Without worry for late fees, interest charges or letting go a large sum of their own capital, the merchant cash advance allows for major construction to be affordable right away. Not only will the changes and improvements to their facilities be ready in time for their peak season, but the increased business they receive as a result helps for the cash advance to be paid back with ease.

The increased sales volume these business owners enjoy once the summer season rolls around allows for a more expeditious repayment without affecting their cash flows. The best part, of course, is not having to have worried about making payments of any specific amount during the months in which business was slower.

If your business goes through its own highs and lows – and most certainly do – you owe it to yourself to look into how much a merchant cash advance may help you to make the most of your peak seasons.

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