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Love Your Business

On a day when couples across the continent are planning romantic rendezvous and candlelight dinners, business owners are thinking of ways to sweeten things up for their customers. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day…a great day to be in love. Entrepreneurs, however, don’t get the day off. That is, if they love their businesses, of course.

Today, people are celebrating their relationships by writing each other poems and offering up gifts of chocolate and flowers. Business owners should be writing as well. But instead of poems, perhaps writing up a strong plan to secure more financing for your business may be on the agenda.

Sweetening the deal for your customers often means sprucing things up a bit. On Valentine’s Day, it’s not uncommon for couples to liven up their love lives with flower petal trails leading to a candle lit bedroom complete with a champagne chilling on ice. What will you do to liven things up for your business?

Renovations are a popular choice for entrepreneurs who want to shake things up. When things look new, it gives your customer base the impression that you are keeping things fresh and that exciting things are happening with your store. The last thing you want to do is allow your industry pass you by while you struggle to stay relevant.

How about buying some new inventory? Sure it would be nice to depend on your same old product line that you already have on the shelves, but don’t you want to keep up with the times? Many of Synergy’s clients use their merchant cash advances for buying new inventory before the season comes when they should be put out on the floor.

Summer clothing, for example, is a great line of products for purchase in February. Considering that summer is still months away, putting in your orders for shorts, t-shirts and sandals now will ensure that you are ahead of the game. As well, if you order earlier, chances are you’ll pay less for the items. Therefore, your profits are bound to be greater once the items are sold in the spring.

As you do with relationships, you’ll want to always plan ahead. Tomorrow, don’t be surprised to bump into some unhappy souls who had their significant others not book their restaurant reservations weeks in advance. Now, who doesn’t know that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants?

Plan to make your customers happy for the long haul. If you love your business, you will celebrate it by keeping things fresh, buying new inventory and advertising to a customer base that you will want to cherish for years to come. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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