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Let Us Look Under The Hood

There are a number of factors that determine the price of goods and services in just about every business. For example, if you’re a mechanic, you’ll need to know the make of the car and the problem it has before you can determine an estimate for the repairs right? Imagine having a customer insist upon getting an estimate before you even take a look under the hood!

Well, that wouldn’t be possible, would it? At Synergy Merchant Services, we offer free quotes with no obligation to any Canadian business owner looking to invest in his or her business. However, in order to do so, our licensed funding specialists need first to take a look at a merchant’s monthly statements.

Specifically, these are the statements sent to the merchant from his or her processor that indicate Visa, MasterCard and Interac payments made for purchases each month. Using these numbers, our funding specialists can determine how much money a company is eligible to receive and what it would cost to take the advance.

We understand, however, the reservations that some business owners have in supplying these merchant statements. This is why we ensure our potential clients are aware of our very strict privacy policy. The information submitted to Synergy is used solely for the purpose of calculating an accurate quote for each merchant.

All quotes are unique, just as all businesses are unique. We are not in the business of making up numbers or playing guessing games. We know that it is important to our clients to get accurate information so that they may make informed decisions about their various funding options.

Without understanding this process, some business owners request quotes before submitting their statements. This really isn’t much different than asking for an estimate for car repairs before bringing your car in to the shop! One other way of looking at it is to call a restaurant to book reservations…without telling the restaurant how many people will be attending the meal!

Of course, knowing how many tables and chairs to set up and how many servers will be necessary won’t be possible without getting that information first. By all means, we encourage you to speak to one of our funding specialists to get yourself more comfortable with our short and easy process of getting yourself a free, no obligation quote for a merchant cash advance. Talk to you soon!

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