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Land Your Wish List Job

We are officially in the final stretch! Christmas comes this Saturday and we know that a lot of people will be wrapping up their Christmas shopping in hopes to fulfill the wish lists of their loved ones. For many Canadians, there is an item on their Christmas lists that cannot be purchased in any store.

Finding a new job is still a popular wish throughout the country. Employment has alluded many of our nation’s citizens since the economic downturn. And even with Canada making remarkable strides in the recovery process, new jobs haven’t popped up as quickly as some would like. Yesterday, Ryan Starr, who quite appropriately writes for The Toronto Star, revealed a number of job positions that will become available in 2011.

The health care industry, he writes, is looking to employ more individuals in the new year. According to experts, the massive baby boomer generation is beginning its transition into retirement. As a result, the “the medical-pharmaceutical sector is poised for significant job growth.”

Technology is also a growing industry, says Starr. Of course, being a tech whiz these days can be very advantageous. There is an increasing need for web designers as well as developers of mobile applications and games. Technical skills are not only in demand, but are growing more necessary with each passing day.

“Money mavens” are also in demand, writes Starr. The financial services sector is looking for accountants, auditors and financial planners. According to Stacey Orozco, a career advisor at George Brown College, “Insurance sales agents and debt collectors are on the rise, too.” Not to mention, Synergy Merchant Services will be looking to add to its staff in the new year!

Extraction experts will also be landing jobs in 2011. The natural resources area is considered “hot”. Starr notes that “saw a 100 per cent increase in posted jobs in the natural resource sector compared to a year ago, with the lion’s share of the activity in Alberta, and to a lesser extent in B.C., Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan.”

Finally, job seekers will also find success in the construction industry as the sector added 89,000 jobs in 2010. In fact, Brian Mahaffy, an instructor at Sheridan College’s electrical department revealed that the college doesn’t “have enough apprentices to fill the gaps left by older workers leaving. In the next five years it will be a landslide.”

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and all the best of luck in landing the job that is on your wish list!

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