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Keep Your Shop Tip-Top

It is hard to argue that first impressions are everything. The way you present both yourself and your business the first time around will go a long way with your future clients. The moment that someone is uncomfortable or dissatisfied with your company, you have likely lost him or her for life.

Not only is having good business etiquette extremely important but the physical presentation of your storefront, shop or restaurant is paramount to its success. Imagine entering a restaurant where the cutlery was dirty, or where there were rips in the carpet. Chances are you would not want to ever eat there again.

Can you picture yourself continually giving your business to a store that hasn’t fixed its broken window in a month? Would you spend your money somewhere with a leaky or water damaged ceiling?

Presentation is everything. Keeping your shop in tip-top shape may mean the difference between your business succeeding and struggling to survive. Tammy Brzeczkowski, the co-founder of Dynamic Designs Unlimited, believes strongly that how a store looks, smells and makes customers feel makes all the difference in the world.

On, she offers a number of tips on how to help business owners maintain a well-kept and impressive looking store to keep customers coming back.

Firstly, Brzeczkowski recommends that you do a “walk-through” of your store on a regular basis. This is important, especially at the beginning of the day to ensure that all merchandise is in its proper place. This will also ensure that nothing is on the floor that may present a danger to your customers. Plain and simple, make sure your store isn’t a mess before it opens for business!

Second, Brzeczkowski insists that no smoking in your store ever be allowed. This is generally the case for most establishments in Canada these days, however, it should be stated that a smoky or foul-smelling environment is pleasing to nobody. Be sure to have your place of business well vented, she says, as this adds to your presentation of professionalism.

As well, be sure that your merchandise is visible through a pleasant and organized display. Piling items on top of each other is not the key to selling them. Especially with clothing that can become easily disorganized, it is key to have your merchandise on display in a favorable way. Brzeczkowski suggests that retailers provide customers with an example of how to wear the clothes buy putting an outfit together for them. If it is easy to see, it is easier to sell.

In addition, be sure to restock items properly. Empty shelves and peg hooks give a desolate look to the store. Try to avoid having completely empty shelves.

And finally, “keep it fresh”, says Brzeczkowski. Move things around and keep the store looking updated and attended to. Present the idea that action is taking place and that business is good. Remove dust, cob webs and anything else that does not convey that your store is top-notch!

Many Canadian business owners have taken advantage of Synergy’s merchant cash advance program for the purpose of repairs and renovation. We would be more than happy in assisting your business reach the tip-top as well!

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