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How You Can Help

This week, the Synergy Merchant Services Blog has been discussing the alarming effects that the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is having, and will continue to have on our environment. Saddened by the news of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig mishap, people from all over the world are hoping to see a quick resolution to what is being predicted as becoming the worst oil spill in American history.

Thankfully, earlier this week, Mary Judkis of U.S. News & World Report wrote of the seemingly-impossible-to-give helping hand that the average, every day citizen can give to this cause. For those that are in the Louisiana and Florida areas, you may volunteer your help by calling 1-866-448-5816.

Floridians are encouraged to assist in the picking up of trash on the state’s beaches in an effort to minimize the impact of the spill once it hits land. This is expected within days. Judkis writes that “natural debris”, however, should be left alone to provide shelter for birds and other animals.

Of course, back here in Canada, although not directly affected by the oil spill, our environment could always use your help. Ensuring that littering is avoided and that recyclable materials are placed in the appropriate bins are just everyday easy-to-do tasks that are truly appreciated by your eco-system.

As well, all those who are not living in the Louisiana or Florida areas can provide assistance my making generous donations at Among those organizations who will benefit from your charity are The Alabama Coastal Foundation and Save Our Seabirds. We encourage you to further research these organizations to determine your comfort level in supporting them.

As Judkis points out, these organizations would appreciate donations from out-of-towners moreso than their arrival to either Louisiana or Florida to help out with the volunteer efforts. They especially advise those who are in the affected areas and are untrained to not personally assist distressed animals for safety reasons.

Informs Judkis: “Injured animals can be defensive and may try to bite you–also, crude oil can be harmful when it comes in contact with human skin.” Instead, residents of these impacted states may call 1-866-557-1401 to leave a message if they become aware of the location of an injured animal.

Another way for just about anyone to assist in the relief effort of wildlife affected by the harmful crude oil is to make a simply purchase of some dishwashing detergent. Judkis reveals that by purchasing a bottle of Dawn, you can contribute $1 towards the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue Research Center. However, she advises, that “you must go online to activate this donation – it’s not automatic with your purchase.”

Sadly, with the earthquakes in both Haiti and Chile this year, 2010 has started off in somewhat of a disastrous way. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has certainly not helped matters. However, all of the abovementioned tragedies have shown the compassion that so many people across the world still exhibit. We can, of course, be thankful for that.

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