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How You Can Help Japan

In yesterday’s blog, we commented on the recent tragedy taking place in Japan. The country, ravaged by an earthquake and a tsunami last Friday, is very obviously in need of assistance. Just as was done during the crisis in Chile after experiencing a major earthquake last year, various charities are now collecting donations.

In today’s edition of The Toronto Star, it was reported that most Canadian wireless customers are now able to make a $5 donation to the Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami fund by texting the word “ASIA” to 30333. Thus far, the Canadian Red Cross has already received $3 million in donations from generous and caring Canadians.

With the earthquake hitting a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale, it is evident that the already-immeasurable damage will only increase in the coming days. For those who wish to donate to this cause online, they may do so at You may also donate over the phone by calling 1-800-418-1111.

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is also working towards the relief effort in Japan. They are working with their partners in Japan to find ways to send volunteers to help. In addition to setting up a donation website for Japan, the CRWRC is also asking that concerned citizens make donations by calling1-800-730-3490.

You may also donate to the Japan earthquake relief effort through the Salvation Army. The Toronto Star mentions that The Salvation Army has already allocated $75,000 to towards helping Japan and are accepting donations towards the Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund through its website.

UNICEF has also announced its contributions to the relief effort in Japan. They have, in fact, already sent supplies and personnel to countries throughout the Pacific region. You can donate to UNICEF through their website as well. The Star reports that “World Vision Canada has also set up a webpage to solicit donations to provide disaster relief for victims of the earthquake.”

We encourage you to give whatever you can towards the relief effort as your help is sorely needed. The destruction caused by this earthquake and tsunami is massive. It is unimaginable just how much more lives will be lost as a result of this tragic disaster. We thank you in advance for doing your part.

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