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How To Treat Your Customers With The Sweetness They Deserve

In less than a week, Halloween will be here! It’s an exciting time of year when kids get to dress up in spooky costumes to go trick-or-treating. For business owners, it’s a great time of year to think about that “treating” part. How do you treat your customers? Do you provide them with memorable experiences that encourage them to keep coming back? Or could you stand to be a bit sweeter?  Let’s examine how you can treat your customers with the sweetness they deserve.

Act upon customer feedback.

Who better than your customers to tell you what you can do to improve your business? Consumers want to feel valued. If they voice concerns that go ignored, they won’t be bound to return to your business. Not only should you be open to feedback, you should be very communicative about the changes you’ve made based on it. According to Annette Franz of CX Journey Inc, it’s wise to keep your customers in the loop.

“When you ask customers for feedback (or when they share unsolicited feedback), let them know that it was received, that you heard what they are saying and that you’re going to do something with it,” she shares on, “And when you do that ‘something,’ let them know what you did and why. Thank them again for bringing the matter to your attention.”  

Be accessible to your customers.

In today’s world, one of the biggest pet peeves had by consumers is the inability to get in touch with companies they need help from. We have a myriad of communication methods to use. The phone, email, social media accounts and live chats are just a few of the most popular. Not being able to get in touch with you for a long duration of time is simply unacceptable. As Kseniya Dobrovolsky of Pepperland Marketing points out, customers expect quick responses.

“Offer your customers several ways to reach out to you,” she encourages, “This can be as easy as adding your phone number to your website, mentioning your Facebook in an email signature or providing your Twitter username in a blog post. Though these simple measures will prove to be successful, make sure to offer human contact as well. These can include a personalized answer to a Tweet, a quick comment on Facebook, or an instant messaging tool on your website.”

Publicly celebrate your customers.

Is there any better way to show love to your customers than to shout them out online? It goes without saying that the internet is commonly used as a chief source of communication. If your social media accounts are used to highlight your customers, it certainly won’t go unnoticed. Dobrovolsky states that social media is your best tool to spread your customer’s happiness.

“Did your customer mention you in a positive Tweet?” she asks, “Respond to those mentions and retweet ones that reference their success. If your customers have something great to say about your business, feature them in testimonials and publish them to your website and social media. Customer success stories are a great way to contribute to the positive brand image and appearing on a company website can make the customer feel respected.”

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