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Setting Up Your Retail Store For Holiday Shopping Season Success

We’re just 11 days away from Halloween! That means we’re just 12 days out from the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season. As we pointed out in our last blog, once November hits, the holiday rush begins. We noted that, to prepare your store for the holiday rush, you should revamp your e-commerce site, plan your store’s holiday hours and offer memorable holiday experiences.

In today’s blog, we’ll further our look at how to set up your retail store for holiday shopping season success!

Devise and release your staffing schedule.

Naturally, when business picks up, it will be important to have your store properly staffed. You don’t want to disappoint customers by having them unable to flag down a member of your staff for assistance. Especially if you plan on extending your holiday hours, it’s vital that you create a schedule that appropriately places enough team members on your sales floor at all times.

“Create a schedule that will accommodate the number of customers you expect at certain times and days,” encourages The Global Display Solution, “For example, you may want to schedule more employees for the weekends when more people are shopping. Or, if you know you have a certain time of day when most customers stop by, make sure to schedule enough help. Being understaffed during the holiday shopping rush can lead to stressed-out employees and angry customers.”

Create and publish your holiday gift guide.

This marketing tactic is one of the most important that any retailer can employ at this time of year. Keep in mind that many consumers aren’t even sure what they’re looking for. They just know they want to buy something special for their loved ones. With a published gift guide (be sure to have it accessible on your company website), your store can elicit more sales. Gift guides make it easy for shoppers to find items they didn’t know they were searching for.

“Gift guides can be a powerful sales tool this time of year, especially since 90% of North American consumers are willing to try new brands during the holiday season,” says, “This appetite for discovery allows you the opportunity to surprise and delight customers by introducing them to unique gifts from your store.”

Hire seasonal staff members.

Now is a good time to begin advertising your offering of seasonal positions. With extended hours and an expected increase in foot traffic, you store will need to bolster its staff. Utilizing traditional modes of recruitment is wise. However, it’s a good idea to get your current staff members involved. Who do they know that they would feel comfortable working with? It may be ideal to get help from within to grow your team this holiday season.

“Look for applicants who have previous seasonal retail experience, as they’ll feel prepared for the shopping rush that comes with the holidays,” suggests The Global Display Solution, “Make sure you post your job listings as early as possible to find the help you need. You can post job openings to job sites, your business’s website, or even through social media posts.”

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