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How To Show Your Employees Your Gratitude

This coming weekend, Canadians will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. While the annual occasion is a reminder for us all to be thankful for what we have, it’s wise to keep that energy all year long. As a business owner, it’s super important to be grateful for the people who support your business. This was highlighted in our last blog. However, it’s also vital you express to your staff members how much they mean to you. After all, you can’t run your business without them!

What are the best ways to show your employees your gratitude?

Offer in-office meals on occasion.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think free food is an ideal way to say “thank you”. Not only do complimentary meals save people money, but the filling of bellies is always a people-pleaser. Consider having staff lunches on a monthly basis to show your employees how much you value them.

“Think ordering in catering once a month, pizzas once a week, or even a food truck to the company parking lot,” suggests Ana Gotter on, “It’s hard not to feel appreciated when you’ve got amazing food to munch on as proof.”

Thank your team publicly.

For many people, there’s no praise like the type of praise that everybody knows about. We live in a social media-obsessed world. There’s no reason not to take to it in order to shout out your workers. Be sure to tag them and include photos in your posts to vividly declare to the world how great your team members are. Of course, it’s also important to hold team meetings. That way, everyone on your staff can bear witness to the praise you heap on the jobs well done at your company.

“While many people appreciate personal expressions of appreciation, it’s also important to make your recognition public, especially when your team has accomplished something significant,” says, “To thank employees publicly, say a few words about their achievements at your weekly department meeting or your monthly staff meeting. You can also include a congratulatory note in your internal newsletter.”

Cover their parking or transit costs.

Commuting is often at the top of the lists of pet peeves when it comes to work requirements. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting and more offices opening up to their employees these days, commuting to and from work is becoming a thing again. Make the transition back into the office an easy one for your workers. Offer to cover at least a portion of their parking or public transit fare.

“I’ve had a job where I was required to pay $70 a year for a parking permit just to get into the office,” recalls Gotter, “That doesn’t make you feel so great, so cover a yearly parking pass, or consider covering transit to meetings or conferences.”

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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